CAN,the dog of graphics and Mexican street art.

CAN,the dog of graphics and Mexican street art.

The intentions of street art are many and very diverse, from messages of protest, those that seek social cohesion and even those that seek to steal a smile from us in spaces that, at first glance, seem gray; CAN's work is included in this last item.

He is a Mexican artist, whose interest in creation began at a very early age. According to CAN, cinema was one of the main triggers that inspired him to take art education classes. Continuously, he entered the Graphic Design career at FES Acatlán, where he realized that illustration is his great passion.

“When I left university I felt that I wanted to do something more with what I drew, I looked for a couple of illustration workshops to continue training,” says the artist. Furthermore, his battle name (CAN) refers to a dog and a way of inhabiting the world, digesting it from within and capturing it through drawings.

Throughout his career, his collaborations with brands of
streetwear such as Chula Skateboards, Copal Skateboards Pinhouse, among others. He also participated in a 3 illustration project with Arto Studio for Guzman y Gómez in Australia. And, in addition, he created an illustration for a Pepsi campaign where the spokesperson was Chucky Lozano.

Urban art arrived in an unexpected way thanks to a call from Ciudad Mural Tuxtla. I went here when CAN painted his first mural and from that moment on he didn't stop doing it. Consequently, he participated in other events such as Hidroarte with the MUJAM (inside the museum) and
in another project at the site called Z.Y.A.N.Y.A among other interventions.

As if that were not enough, CAN also ventured into engraving. In 2017 he entered the Tigre Ediciones de México workshop and created a couple of prints. Later they invited him to put together an artist's portfolio with 8 prints that he called
“Encuentros”, which was presented in the gallery La Mano Gráfica by maestro Artemio Rodriguez.

Likewise, he participated in group exhibitions at the Gama Crea gallery; collaborations with Carton Madness and La Fina Estampa. Part of CAN's inspiration comes from abroad; music, poetry, cinema; a good talk with a friend; see a landscape; the family; the identity: Mexico.


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